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Sparkling Clear Pool Care proudly provides weekly pool service to Royal Palm Beach, FL and the surrounding areas. We service our pools on the same day once a week. We balance the chemicals, clean the entire pool/spa, and clean the filter bi-weekly. The chemicals we balance during your weekly pool service visit include chlorine, pH, and stabilizer levels. We also monitor the total alkalinity and calcium hardness as needed. Our pool service professionals use a reliable chemical testing kit made by Taylor. You can find our video demonstrating how to test stabilizer here. Our pool service technicians thoroughly clean the pool by brushing the walls, scrubbing the waterline tile, vacuuming the bottom, and netting the surface for a Sparkling Clear finish! Every 2 weeks we inspect your equipment to ensure everything is working properly, and clean out your filter as well to ensure proper filtration and flow.

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We strive to be a great addition to the village of Royal Palm Beach by not only providing fantastic pool service, but also by occasionally attending the public meetings. We prove that our interest in ensuring proper long term pool service and maintenance for our customers is our core mission. Many home owners overlook the proper longer term care for their pools. Total alkalinity and calcium hardness are key factors in maximizing the life of your pool’s surface and equipment. Brushing the tiles and keeping the pH between 7.2-7.4 prevents waterline staining and scale from developing. Properly cleaning out the filter and ensuring a strong flow which prolongs the equipment’s life span, saving you money! We also monitor your water level to ensure that it’s at the necessary level.

As a professional premier pool service provider for Royal Palm Beach, FL, all of our technicians are uniformed and drive marked vehicles. Most of our customers have unique situations, so we frequently customize our service to fit the needs of our customers. Some of those custom service needs include us holding keys for locked gates, entering at a certain time, calling after special visits, and much more. We have some customers that need their gates locked certain ways to prevent their dogs from breaking out!

Pool service on a weekly basis is what we always recommend. The reality is that a lot can happen within a week to your pools chemistry so it should be tested at least weekly. Cleaning the pool is also important due to the pool being constantly exposed to the weather elements and leaving debris lying on the boron of the pool can lead to significant staining! Feel free to call us directly at 561-232-8867.

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Royal Palm Beach Pool Service

Swimming Pool Water Heaters

What Kind of Heater Should You Choose

Here in South Florida we get to enjoy warm weather for most of the year, making it easy to enjoy a nice afternoon with the family in the swimming pool! In the winter it can get a bit chilly, but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our swimming pools!

 As a pool service company, believe one of the best additions you can add to your pool is-a heater. Heaters come in two different styles, gas and electric. Which option is the best for you? The two main factors to think about are, how fast you want your pool to heat up and how much are you ready to spend. Let’s dive into the differences between an electrical pump and a gas heater.

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In the simplest terms, a gas heater uses burning gas to heat the water as it passes through and a heat pump uses coils and the heat from the air to heat the water as it comes through. One major difference is that a heat pump is a lot more efficient, saving you more money in the long run, but is also more expensive to install than a gas heater. A gas heater can also heat the pool much faster and is less expensive to install. Another factor to consider, is that a heat pump is environmentally friendly due to it only requiring energy and air and the gas heater burns gas. An electrical heater also last about twice as long as a gas heater. An electrical heater only efficiently heats a pool when it is the right size for the pool and the environmental temperature is above 60°F, while a gas heater can operate efficiently in much lower temperatures, but here in FL that isn’t much of importance when deciding between a heat pump and gas heater.

We recommend Raypak heaters to our customers. As a reliable pool service company our technicians are experienced with most heaters. Having one installed does not affect how your pool is serviced.

Now that we have covered the basic differences between an electrical heater and gas heater lets discuss the location where you should have it installed. If you are having a professional company install your heater then they will be able to determine the best placement for the heater. As a general rule, any equipment that requires fresh air and regular maintenance should be kept clear from obstruction as much as possible. There should be a minimum of 12-24 inches of clearance on all sides, especially the front. Heaters should be kept as far from irrigation water spray (sprinklers) as possible, regardless of the water quality. Careful with the rain gutters, even though they are built to withstand normal weather conditions you don’t want a direct stream of water pouring onto your heater.

Swimming pool heaters can be a bit intimating when looking at all the different options. So just think about these main questions; what’s the coldest it gets where I live? How fast do I want my pool to heat up? What is my budget? Your professional installer will be able to determine what your best option is from there! Feel free to contact us Sparkling Clear Pool Care for additional help 561-232-8867. 

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We never require contracts……our customers stay with us because:

” Great quality service. They come by the same day every week. ”

Kathy B.Home Owner in Royal Palm Beach, FLhttps://

” I really like their service! They have been cleaning my pool for about a year now and have done a very impressive job.”

Sandra W.Homeowner in Royal Palm Beach, FLhttps://

“Stephen takes great care of my clients. I needed a reliable company to work with. Thank you.”

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