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We at Sparkling Clear Pool Care have been providing Palm Beach Gardens with weekly pool service since 2013. We use an advanced chemical system to perfectly maintain the chemical balance in your pool. Our team has strong community ties, such as personal relationships with our customers, recreational centers and the local city hall. We strive to provide each customer with unique pool service when needed. We assure our quality with a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with a weekly pool service visit we will return and clean the pool again free of charge.

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We use an advanced chemical system to perfectly maintain the chemical balance in your pool. We have adopted a unique dry chemical system which allows us to more precisely balance the chlorine levels. Typically a pool service company will add enough liquid chlorine to bring the chlorine level up to 10ppm “parts per million” which is much higher than the Palm Beach County health department standards of 3ppm to 5ppm. They do this so that the pool will still have 3-5ppm of chlorine when they return the following week.  The approach we use with slow release solids allows the chlorine to remain at a steady 5ppm all week long as opposed to bringing the level to 10ppm with liquid chlorine and allowing it to drop to 3ppm though out the week.

We have strong community ties and personal relationships with our customers. We offer a program that allows our customers to earn a free month of pool service by referring a friend or neighbor. We have become close with family members of our customers as well as their security, housekeepers and property managers.

We assure our quality with a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with a weekly pool service visit we will return and clean the pool again free of charge. Our standard service includes one visit per week. If, for any reason if you are not satisfied with your service or, for example, you are having a pool party we will come back during that same week to re-clean the pool for you.

We at Sparkling Clear Pool Care love our jobs and are proud to be members of the community and we look forward to providing pool service to Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas for years to come. We feel that if you start weekly pool service with Sparkling Clear Pool Care you will have made the correct choice. Give us a call today. 561-232-8867.

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL Pool Service

Salt Water Pool Systems

How a Salt Water Pool Really Works

Many of our pool service customers in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and the surrounding areas have converted their pools over to Salt Systems. One common misconception is that salt-water pools no longer utilize chlorine to kill the bacteria and algae in the pool. Salt water pools, in fact, still use chlorine, but the way it is generated is through a process called electrolysis. This is why salt cells are also referred to as “Chlorine Generators”. Electrolysis is the process where the salt in the pool is used to generate chlorine, which is absorbed in the water molecules in the pool water.  We recommend Hayward Salt Systems to our clients. Another misconception is that once you have a Salt System installed that you no longer need to add chemicals. This is false, chlorine is the only chemical that no longer needs to be added to the pool directly. Salt needs to be added when needed. All other chemicals need to be balanced regularly, but with Sparkling Clear Pool Care, we take care of everything for you!

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One of the main differences between Salt Systems and traditional pools is the how the water simply feels softer on your skin. Have you ever swum in a public swimming pool and when you get out you feel itchy, smell like chlorine, and may you experience some irritation in the eyes? People who are sensitive to chlorine benefit immensely from Salt Cells. As with traditional pools, salt water pools still need to be monitored weekly to ensure proper water chemistry. Salt dissipates very slowly but other factors such as splash-out, higher than normal levels of chlorine demand, sun exposure, or insufficient levels of cyuranic acid which is also known as stabilizer. Our pool service technicians are experienced with the proper maintenance needed to ensure your salt cell is working properly. We use the motherboard to check the salt levels and monitor the overall health of the cell. We also have a high quality Digital Salt Tester we use.

Salt systems are like everything else, in the sense that they need to be maintained and serviced accordingly. One of the over looked factors to a salt cell is that the cell itself builds up calcium and must be acid washed when needed to prolong the cells life and ensure high performance from the cell. You can find our video on the right hand side of this page that explains and demonstrates the removal, cleaning, and re-installing of the cell. Be sure that if you are attempting this process yourself that you follow the safety guidelines mentioned in the video! The cells cleaning involves a dangerous chemical known as Hydrochloric Acid.

And remember that with our pool service you can have all the benefits of a salt water pool without worrying about the maintenance! Feel free to call us at 561-232-8867 with any further questions.

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Pool Service Palm Beach Gardens, FL Pool Service Palm Beach Gardens, FL Pool Service Palm Beach Gardens, FL Pool Service Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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“One of the best companies I’ve worked with by far. Jonathan is very helpful and responsive to any questions I have. ”

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“Spectacular service! I recommend them to all my clients. Kyle does a great job on my pool every week. Anytime I ask for something he doesn’t complain and takes care of it for me!”

Matthew A.Realtor in Palm Beach Gardens, FLhttps://

” Great company and nice people to work with!”

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